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Saturday, March 20, 2004

My kind of music! Sweet tunes for the soul...

Recently, some of the new artists in the music industry. Have gotten my attention. Artists: Such as Leona Naess; Michelle Branch; Nora Jones;
Michelle Posted by Hello
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are awesome beautiful women as well Howie Day, Jason Mraz these two guys are alright! All this new music come from good song writing this genre is characterized as an Adult alternative. I must say, It's great new music from this age of time. They are pretty good artists, though, My preferences have been always Classic Rock and would be untill the of time. My all time favor is the greatest band ever be

Led Zeppelin
As long as I can remember I have been always a Zepp fan, and I always will. I have other favorite bands that I like such as
The Who
, Rush to Pink Floyd, and all the great bands from the same era. I love all of them. I would also mention other fabulous artists from Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Neil Young and never the less the poet Joni Mitchell, and many other great musicians of the same category. This is my personal opinion of what define a great Classic Rock.
The Who  Posted by Hello

Pink Floyd Posted by Hello

In my mellow moods I would take Alternative Adult as my second choice. I really like the very attractive females artists and their talented song writing suit my taste, they sing well, they have some good catchy tunes!


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