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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Modern Painting

I would like to educate you just a bit in Modern Painting and its origins. I'm not a scholar, nor a historian, just a simple man who loves art and does art as habit (you may call me an artist)... I would like to share some personal knowledge about the world of Modern Painting The movement of Modern Painting, modernpainting
its history began with the various ways in which man has seen the world. The way we want to see it, and the way we actually see it, is determined by the desire to discover a credible world. To appreciate it, you must begin to understand the artist's perception, and expression. The artist is simply the man who has the ability and the desire to transform his visual perception into a material form . I don't think it is possible to say the Modern Painting has ended its development. This philosophy of art defines art a very positive and decisive manner.

There was not Mystery about this world for the French painter Paul Cezanne: who wished to see the world objectively as was contemplating an object with any intervention from nature, while others saw subjectively, which is product of various points of view.
The impressionists: Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro: have seen the world , as we know it."Realization"(realisation) and Modulation (modulation):"Realiser" Means to bring into being, "Moduler" means to adjust a material (in this case paint) to a certain pitch or intensity that the motif... "Salient thematic element, a dominant idea"Cezanne: felt he couldn't realize his vision with out of an organizations of lines and colours that give stability and clarity to the image transferred to the canvas. If you wish to learn some more I would like to invite you to visit these two sites: Musee Mormottan, Paris; The Museum of Modern Art; Fine Art Museum of San Francisco; Musee D' Orsay.

I also would like to share some of my favorite artists. Henri Matisse; Salvador Dali;
: Georges Braque
, and check out some of his work: as well as Edmondo Bucci: Pierre Soulages, and Alberto Magneli. My favorite of all time is Leonardo Da Vinci.


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