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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Modern Art Movement (Cubism)

Cubism is an important movement of the history of Modern Art it began on the early 19th century.


Picasso introduced to us a new style called Cubism. The painting Les Demoiselles D' Avignon was the first example of this new style. Many other artists: Georges Braque; Albert Gleizes; Juan Gris; Fernand Leger; Jean Metziger, and sculptors Alexander Archipenko; Henri Laurenns contributed to the Cubism movement. Picasso and Braque were the pioneers to this period in the history of Modern Art.

I would like to suggest to go to this excellent sites and Cubism image Bank to learn more about it.

"We all know the Art is not truth. Art is a lie that make us realize the truth, at least the truth is given to us to understand" (Pablo Picasso)


Anonymous Theodore said...

Thank you my friend for guiding me on through my spiritual journey. I have faith now. Goodbye my lonely stranger.


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Anonymous stevie nixon said...

wow that is a awesome painting! how are you so sweet. BIG Nose! hahahahahahahahah.Do yiou know toast? wb

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