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Thursday, October 14, 2004

What is a Black Hole?

What is a Black Hole and can I see one in the sky? You may see one on the sky if you've Xray vision. No, you can't see one in the sky. Black Hole is the
result of the death of a star several times the mass of our sun.
The center of the star collapses and suddenly releases a tremendous
amount of energy. This release of energy causes the outer part of
the star to be blown into space in what is called a supernova explosion..
This explosions release so much energy that a supernova in a distance
galaxy can out shine the billions of star in the galaxy .

Stellar- Black Hole

Chandra Black Hole

The very center of the star collapses into what can only be described
as something smaller than a point with no dimensions. A region called
an event surrounds this dimensionless singularity. The singularity diesters
the space around it so much that anything that falls into the black hole's
events horizon because the escape velocity is greater than the 186,000 miles
per second speed of light. Since the speed of light is the fastest speed than
anything can travel, not even light can escape a black hole. That's why a
black hole is black.

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Black Hole

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Blogger Sigge said...

The theory has been updated since, mathematically, matter _can_ escape black holes.

And are black holes really black? Arn't they just the lack of all light? Lack of black? I guess it's just hard to imagine since we can never experience anything that black. You loose all point of reference.

And: You didn't answer "where can I see one in the sky"?
One I'd love to hear:)

5:47 PM EST  

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