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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wormholes unlikely to allow time travel

I'm fascinated with Black Holes. they do real exist on my world.
The idea of the existence of Wormholes it is fascinating, I hope they do exist. It will be awesome to learn more about them.
Researchers are saying, the idea of using Wormholes to travel from one place in the galaxy to another, It is a star trek idea whose time may never come. I truly hope so these guys are wrong.

I put much attention to professor Hawking latest news. On this article he is making news; "Wormholes unlikely to allow time travel".

. I found a very interesting a definition of what wormhole is Wormholes:

A wormhole is a pathway from one part of space and time to another more distant location. You might think of it as a shortcut through space that saves you from having to travel the normal distance between two points.

A worm hole is a mathematical solution to Einstein's relativistic equation for gravity in which two parts of space-time may be joined together. Unlike black holes, they have no singularities at least in the 'vacuum solution', but certain rotating 'Kerr-Nordstrom' black holes may serve the same worm hole-like function.

Many science fiction authors like to use them to allow spacecraft to travel quickly from place to place in our universe. But all of these ideas are based on 'pure math' descriptions of how they might work, and as you know, nature is often much messier than any idealistic, abstract rendering of it. There are no perfectly straight lines in the universe, and there are not likely to be wormholes either.
Here is another definition of wormholes this one make more sense to me. I really hope wormholes exist.

Warmholes! (by Andrew Trapp)

Wormholes are essentially gateways between different parts of the universe and are made by linking a pair of black holes.According to this definitions it probable they exist

These astronomical phenomenon are awesome!


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